Monday, December 21, 2015

Raising Soccer Kids

I have two boys, who are passionate about soccer.  My husband is super passionate about training them.  He often talks with me about soccer and his plan to train the kids.  Some of his thoughts amazed me and I always wanted to put them into notes.  So finally I am getting this started.
It is not easy raising soccer kids (boys) in this country, United States.  This is what my husband has been telling me and I more and more realized that myself.  We are blessed to have so many privileges in this country but soccer is not one of the main sports over here.  There are so many soccer clubs here and there and we can find tournaments all around the schedule.  However, the whole environment is not easy for kids to develop soccer skills and stay passionate about soccer.  Raising soccer kids is pretty hard work.  I would like to share what we have learned through the years.  
My elder son Alexander started playing soccer at the age of four and half and he just turned 12 this month.  The blogs I am going to write will cover recreational soccer, soccer clubs, soccer camps, Division 1 classic league and ODP, etc.  But mostly I would like to write about soccer skill development from observing my husband and the kids.
My husband is an avid video maker.  Here are some videos that may interest you if you are reading this blog.
Alexander on TV KDAF, CW33  when he was 8

Alexander and Arthur Training in Futsal when Alexander was 9, Arthur 6

Alexander at 9

Alexander and Arthur’s UK trip when they with local kids -Alexander at 11 and Arthur at 9

Training Video – Alexander at 11 and Arthur at 9

Alexander Soccer Skills – at 11

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(I later realized that my blog is more toward boys soccer.  I think for girls, the environment is different and is favorable for girls' development of soccer skills.  The result of US women soccer already demonstrated that.)

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